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Gas turbine power station

Contracting party:
Vattenfall Europe Wärme AG, Berlin


Power Network Analysis for Wind Power Integration

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Maritza East III Power Station

DSD Dillinger Stahlbau GmbH, Germany


Uppsala CHP Station, Sweden

Uppsala Energi AB, Sweden


Grid Study and Grid calculations to the WEMAG Distribution Network



Engineering- and Project Management at District Heat Storage Reuter West

Vattenfall Europe Wärme AG Berlin


New build of Power Station Moorburg (2 x 820 MW), Germany

Vattenfall Europe Generation AG  


Capital expenditure:
€3 billion

Hermann Wenzel Power Station Unit 4 SCR Retrofit, Germany


Hermann Wenzel Power Station is owned and operated by thyssenkrupp Steel Europe and located in Duisburg-Ruhrort in Germany.  The plant consists of four coke and blast furnace gas-fired boilers, which convert the excess blast furnace gas and coke gas from the nearby steel mill to electricity. The 180 MWel Unit 4 is being retrofitted with a high-dust SCR system in order to comply with the stringent German NOx emission regulations.

VPC was awarded the contract by thyssenkrupp Steel Europe for this retrofit and integration into the existing boiler and operating power plant on a turn-key basis including the general planning, detail engineering, technical tender specification, procurement and construction management, startup and commissioning services as well as the trial run and performance acceptance testing.

Technical Data:

·         Electric generating capacity:      1 x 180 MWel gross
·         Fuel:                                          Blast furnace and coke gas
·         SCR configuration:                     high-dust, single reactor
·         Reagent:                                    Aqueous ammonia (24.9%)

Capital Investment:                        €4 million

Client:                                              thyssenkrupp Steel Europe AG


Schedule:                                          2016 – 2018

VPC executes the project from conceptual planning until the client’s preliminary acceptance including:

·        General planning
·        Integration into the existing boiler and operating power plant
·        Provision of construction management personnel
·        Provision of commissioning personnel
·        Performance of all acceptance and performance tests


VPC’s Scope

1. General Planning and Permitting

·        Conceptual planning in preparation of technical specifications for tendering
Definition of design data
Development of technical concepts
Development of a framework schedule

·        Permitting
Compilation of all documentation required for permit approvals in the following areas:
§  Pollution Control Act (air, water, land)
§  Water Resources (environmental)
Compliance with all ancillary rules and regulations 


2. Engineering and Procurement

·        Project management including cost control and scheduling
·        Decisions on all technical solutions, concepts and Technologies
·        Responsible technical and commercial handling of all sub-supply contracts including:
 Preparation of technical specifications for 24 lots to be awarded to vendors
Vendor selection
Bidding process including technical meetings with vendors
Evaluation of bids
Contract award to recommended vendors
·        Implementation of all sub-supplies
Coordination of vendors of over 24 lots
Overall implementation and interface engineering covering all 24 lots
Continuous optimization and improvement of all technical concepts
Development of all engineering, procurement, construction and start-up schedules
Review, correction and approval of vendors’ documentation
Coordination compilation of the overall plant documentation
·        Coordination and management of all vendors to ensure project completion on schedule,
      in budget and with the quality and performance expected by the client


3. Construction

·        Site preparation and demolition
·        Planning, installation and removal of provisional and interims measures
·        Overall responsibility for construction including organization, management and monitoring
      of all site activities including HSE (health, safety, environment)
·        Scheduling of sub-suppliers
·        Expediting and verification of sub-suppliers’ contract compliance including quality
      assurance and quality control (QA/QC)
·        Inspection and acceptance of sub-suppliers’ deliveries
·        Claim management and punch list resolution


4. Startup and Commissioning

·        Responsible performance and coordination of all start-up and commissioning work for all
      plant components and Systems
·        Coordination and direction of sub-suppliers during the start-up and commissioning of all
      plant components and systems
·        Overall coordination of the start-up and commissioning schedules of all individual


5. Trial Run and Performance / Acceptance Testing

·        Noise level measurements
·        Material analyses
·        Pre-calibration of continuous emissions monitoring System
·        Acceptance and performance testing of all main components